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SVP of Revenue
Olivier Labbé

The Customer-Led Growth Podcast: What to Expect

In the Customer-Led Growth podcast, Olivier Labbé, former SVP of Revenue at TestBox, meets with some of the top sales and marketing leaders in SaaS to discuss topics like:
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Product-led, sales-led, and customer-led growth models
  • The future of tech sales
  • How buyers want to buy software today
Episode 0

Welcome to the Customer-Led Growth Podcast

In this short introductory episode, TestBox co-founder and CEO Sam Senior discusses how a very broken B2B software buying process led him to found TestBox in the pursuit of making B2B sales more customer-led.

Join Sam, Olivier Labbé, and Ben Wright as they kickoff the Customer-Led Growth podcast and share some previews of what's to come.
Episode 1

Unlocking the Secrets to Sustainable Growth

What is product-led growth, and does it lead to long-term conversion of leads? What does customer-led growth mean? How can all teams in a company align to ensure they achieve shared goals?

In the first episode of Customer Led Growth, two leading marketers, Tim Davidson and Adam Goyette, join us to answer these questions.
Episode 2

Measuring & Optimizing the Buying Experience for Growth

Perhaps you've heard of the term customer-led growth before, but what does it mean? Is it a concept that exists only in the realms of abstract marketing theory, or is it something you can put into practice right now?

Join us as Eli Rubel and Sam McKenna chat about the future of SaaS buying and the different data points that help us predict future demand.
Episode 3

Future-Proofing Sales and Marketing

As PLG continues to influence sales tactics, learn how to adapt to new customer expectations and provide a positive buying experience. Explore the importance of pricing transparency, the future of cold calls and emails, and the value of partnerships and ecosystems in driving growth.

Discover how adopting a revenue-centric approach can transform your sales and marketing strategies in this insightful podcast episode featuring Alex Poulos and Sahil Mansuri.
Episode 4

Explosive Growth Unleashed

In today's hyperconnected world, marketing has transformed into a multidimensional powerhouse, driving companies to new heights of success. Are you ready to discover the secrets behind fueling your company's growth?

Join us as we dive into the captivating journeys of marketing gurus Manuel Rietzsch and Andrew Davies, uncovering their game-changing tactics and approaches that propel organizations to extraordinary results.
Episode 5

From Clicks to Conversions

Join us as we delve into the world of customer-centric strategies that drive business growth. In this episode, Bethany Stachenfeld and Ben Wright reveal invaluable insights for founders and sales executives seeking to optimize their sales processes.

Learn how to transform your approach from clicks to conversions and harness the power of customer-led growth to propel your business forward in 2023 and beyond.
Episode 6

The Art of Top-of-Funnel Pipeline Generation

In this episode, we welcome Sydney Sloan and Scott Wilder who share their insights and experiences in customer-centric approaches for founders and sales executives.

Together, they explore topics such as co-creation with customers, digital self-serve strategies, cross-functional alignment, and the role of communities in driving revenue.
Episode 7

Unleashing Growth Potential in Today's Evolving Market

In this episode, Pouyan Saleh and Kris Rudeegraap challenge the notion of purely transactional sales approaches and shed light on the importance of personalized engagement, PLG strategies, and understanding customer motivations.

Discover how gifting, direct mail, and innovative go-to-market motions can redefine your sales strategy and cultivate long-term customer loyalty.
Episode 8

Resonating with Stakeholders and Navigating Product Marketing Challenges

Today, we're joined by Brendan Weitz and James Winter who discuss the challenges of product marketing, segmenting messaging for different user types and use cases, and the competitive landscape of the "digital sales room" category.

The conversation also provides valuable advice for marketers during challenging times and sheds light on the rewards and challenges of starting a company.
Episode 9

Exploring the Evolving Landscape of Software Sales

In this engaging podcast episode, Jason Widup shares valuable insights on customer-led growth and the unique challenges faced by B2B startups in the current market.

The conversation delves into the effectiveness of various demand generation strategies, including paid advertising, email marketing, and social media, while striking a balance between sales-led and product-led growth approaches.
Episode 10

The Keys to Software Marketing in Today's Market

In this episode, we chat with Jordan Greene from Catalyst, diving into the concept of customer-led growth and its significance in the current economic climate.

Jordan explains how customer success has evolved from being just a department to a business-wide priority. The discussion also explores community-building strategies, advocating for creating communities around methodologies rather than just products.
Episode 11

Leveraging Data and AI for Customer-Led Growth

In this episode, Brendan Short, the CEO and co-founder of Groundswell, explains their innovative approach to customer-led growth and their mission to reshape product-led growth (PLG) by harnessing data signals to enhance sales engagement.

The conversation covers the challenges of accessing and interpreting data, the evolving role of databases in sales, and the introduction of AI-powered customization for lead engagement.

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