What's New at TestBox? [Q4 2023]

November 14, 2023
New in TestBox: HubSpot CRM integration, deal filtering, and fullscreen mode features that make it easier to run live demos using TestBox!
Jessica Greene
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We're always looking for ways to improve how TestBox works with your existing processes, and this quarter we've made a lot of improvements that help with just that. Let's dive in!

HubSpot CRM integration

HubSpot users can now integrate their CRM with TestBox to see deal values in their analytics dashboard. Connecting TestBox to HubSpot CRM allows you to see deal amount values for each deal you have in TestBox, plus aggregate values across the team showing your total won amount, average deal value, and average deal duration for all deals that use TestBox.

TestBox admins can go to Account Settings > Integrations to set up the HubSpot integration.

New deal filtering

New filters on the "My Deals" dashboard let you filter down what's displayed on the screen to show only leads who've activated their sandboxes or who have not activated their sandboxes. 

Use this information to prioritize which leads to follow up with first.

Fullscreen mode updates

We've made several recent updates that improve the experience of running live demos in TestBox:

  • You can now use the `esc` button on your keyboard to exit fullscreen mode.
  • Move the "Explore features" CTA to a different spot on the screen to keep it from blocking something you're trying to show a customer.
  • Completely remove the "Explore features" button to demo without showing any TestBox features.

We've also improved the "Explore features" UI. Now when using it during a demo, the quick links menu slides in from the right side of the screen.

If there's something else we can build that will make your experience using TestBox even better, please let us know! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy using these new features!

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