TestBox FAQs

February 20, 2024
Find answers to some of the most common questions that prospective and existing customers ask about TestBox.
Jessica Greene
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How do I log in to TestBox?

You can log in to your TestBox account at app.testbox.com/login.

How do I reset my TestBox password?

Simply click the "Forgot password" link on app.testbox.com/login and follow the prompts to reset your password.

How much does TestBox cost?

TestBox's pricing starts at $27,000 per year for our Capture product and $33,000 per year for our Convert product. You can find more details on our pricing page.

How does TestBox display my live product?

Every TestBox environment you create uses a unique account within a live instance of your product. By using unique accounts for every TestBox environment, we can ensure that every instance your team sends to leads or uses for demos is clean, properly set up, and PII-free.   

We work with your engineering team to provision the accounts we'll need to ensure there's always a unique account available for every lead. There are two primary ways we can do this:

  1. Fully automated account creation: To fully automate account creation from our side, we'll need access to either a public or private API that can be used to create new accounts in your product. We'll work with your team to ensure that our IPs are on an allowlist and won't be blocked by spam detection systems.
  1. Manual account creation: If you do not have an API that can be used to create new accounts, you can manually create a pool of accounts we can pull from when a TestBox environment is requested. This does require occasional work from your team to ensure we always have accounts available when a TestBox environemnt is created.

It may be possible within the manual account creation process for us to recycle accounts to reduce or eliminate the need for ongoing account provisioning work from your team. However, this option is only available if we can fully remove all protected data from your system and logs.

Your live accounts are then embedded into TestBox using an iFrame. 

How do you get data into my product?

Data is populated in every TestBox instance when a product account is created. 

We start by working with your team to understand what data needs to be included for leads to fully understand and evaluate your product. 

From there, we create datasets — templates for the data needed, including what that data looks like and how it will be mapped to accounts.

Finally, we feed those dataset templates to GPT, which creates realistic, PII-free, unique data for each account. That is then uploaded to the account via API before that account is assigned to a lead.

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