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We started TestBox after seeing too many painful software buying experiences. So we set out to build tools that make it easier to for B2B buyers to evaluate software and B2B sellers to close deals.
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Our values

TestBox Culture And Values

Quarterly onsites

Put team above self

We always take care of each other. We actively put aside self-ambition and ego — we’re on the same team and working towards a common goal of TestBox’s success.
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Diversity and inclusion

We actively strive towards diversity and accessibility (along physical, mental, cultural. and other dimensions) both in our workplace and our product so that our team and customers can bring their full selves.
TestBox gives back

Look to meaningfully give back

With our time and resources, we will actively give back to organizations that uplift society, other humans, and the environment in alignment with our values.
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Experiment and be curious

We are always experimenting in order to learn and get closer to the best solution. We encourage new and radical ideas and fast iterations. On the other end, we believe in avoiding the sunk cost fallacy, reflecting together, learning from feedback, and exiting bad decisions quickly.
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Always make it happen

As we find new ideas to pursue, problems that are unaddressed and gaps that need to be filled, each team member should feel empowered to step up to take responsibility and just make it happen.
TestBox saves us an average of 2-5 hours a week in developer time, but the big win is having products that are now demo-able that it would have taken us 3-5 months to create in our own demo instance.
Karen Darling
Beth Laing
Senior Director of Engineering, CallRail
TestBox allows buyers to get hands-on in a live environment on their own time. For vendors, there is no better way to engage buyers and support value-driven conversations than providing access to TestBox.
Karen Darling
Karen Darling

Head of U.S. Sales, Dixa
TestBox makes the trial process easy by providing a fully mature environment for our prospects, which makes our competitive advantage obvious.
Karen Darling
Charles O'Hara

Director of Sales, Zendesk
Clients can get a feel of our product faster and easier. Before trialing our product, they can test any implementations or customizations they need inside of TestBox.
Karen Darling
Jared Walton

Account Executive, Zendesk

More revenue, less effort

Spin up live demo environments, trials, and POCs in seconds with TestBox. Close more deals and speed up your sales cycle — all with fewer resources than ever before.