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We started TestBox after seeing too many painful software buying experiences. So we set out to make the evaluation process all about the customer and product, not sales and marketing.

We are driven by
our values

People first
We approach every interaction as humans rather than mere coworkers. We take care of each other, hold space for feelings, and make it possible to bring our full selves to work, because only then do we have a strong foundation with which we can build towards our mission.
Prioritize inclusion across background, accessibility, and thought
We actively strive towards diversity and accessibility (along physical, mental, cultural and other dimensions) both in our workplace and our product so that our team and customers can bring their full selves.
Approach problems with curiosity and empathy
As we tackle problems, we strive to really understand beneath the surface and build empathy in order to truly solve for the right issues, rather than accepting what we observe at face value.
Always experiment and learn
We are always experimenting in order to learn and get closer to the best solution. We encourage new and radical ideas and fast iterations. On the other end, we believe in avoiding the sunk cost fallacy, reflecting together, learning from feedback, and exiting bad decisions quickly.
Make it happen
As we find new ideas to pursue, problems that are unaddressed and gaps that need to be filled, each team member should feel empowered to step up to take responsibility and just make it happen.
Be kind and make a substantial positive impact
Kindness may require strength and courage. The path to being kind often isn’t the easiest one but it is ultimately the most positively impactful one. With our time and resources, we actively give back to organizations that uplift society, other humans and the environment in alignment with our values.
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Our Team

Hi there, I'm Austin! I'm a fullstack developer, but I have a particular soft spot for UX and frontend work. I was formerly a Cyber Warfare Officer in the US Air Force and have a BS and MS in Computer Science, so computers are kind of my life. When I'm not tippy-tappy-ing on my laptop, I love playing soccer/tennis/racquetball/yoga, listening to heavy hitting R&B, or playing video games!

Austin Fry
Fullstack Engineer

What's up? I'm Bolaji. I grew up in Nigeria, and have now spent over half my life in the U.S. I've had a 20-year career in tech marketing, starting with building one of the world's first social networks on the web, in 1999. In my spare time I'm coaching my boys in soccer, globe-hopping with my wife, obsessing about why customers buy, or planning my next adventure.

Bolaji Oyejide
Head of Marketing

Hi, I'm Corey! I'm a fullstack engineer from the corn fields of the Midwest. I love to solve challenging problems and am always looking to learn. I've spent most of my career working in renewable energy where I've done everything from managing wind farms to building internal software tools. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two girls, watching sports, or attempting to grow entirely too many things in my garden.

Corey Immke
Fullstack Engineer

Diana is a support, success, and experience leader. She’s currently the Head of Customer Experience for Qwilr and previously led customer departments for a number of leading companies. When she’s not writing or helping customers you’ll find her off in the woods taking photos or curled up with a book.

Diana Potter
Content Writer

Hey, I'm Hiba! 👋 I've worked in the tech space for over 5 years now across a lot of marketing disciplines! But, I'm a content geek at heart and love building experiences that are driven by customers, not Google. ;) When I'm not spoiling my dog, you can find me concocting new cocktails or recipes, and drinking all of the coffee the world has to offer!

Hiba Amin
Senior Demand Generation Marketing Manager

Hi, I'm Isabella! I'm a proud Canadian with extensive tech strategy experience. I'm passionate about making complex processes easier and more efficient. There's nothing in my life I haven’t tried to optimize.

When I'm not making spreadsheets, I enjoy drawing (I published a kids' book, Let's Get Boba!), cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Isabella Chiu
Chief of Staff

Hey - I'm Jack! I'm from the Seattle area and love Seattle sports (I am a huge Mariners fan). I have experience with tech strategy through ~4 years at Bain & Co, particularly when it comes to doing strategic due diligence on tech companies.When I'm not building slides or checking off my to-do list, I love to be outdoors on an adventure or indoors playing board games, ideally with friends and family.

Jack Post
Biz Ops & Partnerships Extern

Hi, I’m Jake, a full-stack software engineer and digital nomad. While I do work across the stack, my specialties are front-end and API design. I actually have a dual major in computer science and entrepreneurship, making me a double-threat for the start-up scene! (Kidding)
In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, roller skating, and rock climbing.

Jake Wood
Fullstack Engineer

Hey, I am Kinnari!
I am a Product designer based in Mumbai. I specialise in finding simple solutions to complex design problems. Crafting an experience that brings joy to the user, is what I love about my work.

Taking a long walk, doodling or trying out a new recipe is how I like to unwind. Also, I never say no to a good cup of coffee :)

Kinnari Parikh
Product Design Lead

Hi I'm Lori;

I'm a Boston based developer; I like solving problems and making sure my team is set up for success! My roots were as a dev-ops engineer but over time I have morphed into an engineer of many things, from Unity plugins to frontend work and data analysis. My favorite projects are those where I can make someone's life just a bit simpler.

When I'm not coding or at the computer, I spend most of my time hanging out with my fluffy pup, doing craft projects, and climbing up walls.

Lori Monteleone
Fullstack Engineer

Hi hi, I'm Mina!

I'm from Maryland 🦀 and I'm currently living in the Bay area. I'm a fullstack dev early in my career who loves to be creative and implement intuitive design! Outside of work I enjoy painting, singing, and learning to roller-skate!

Mina Hussain
Fullstack Engineer

Hi, my name is Sarim. I’m a Full Stack Engineering Coop from the University of Waterloo. I’m currently in my 4th year of Mechanical Engineering. I love solving problems and making peoples lives easier through code. I enjoy working in multiple areas of software development from frontend to backend and even infrastructure. In my free time, I enjoy binging TV shows (only good ones), skiing, soccer and swimming.

Muhammad Sarim
Co-Op Fullstack Engineer

Hi, I’m Nora! I grew up in the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam but now reside in Southern California (and occasionally in cities around the world). I’m obsessed with creating intuitive, customer-first products. I find genuine joy when I know that my work can make someone’s life a bit easier. When I’m not building products, catch me collecting odd recipes from the internet, making homemade kombucha, and hiking trails around national parks.

Nora Nguyen
Product Manager

Hello, I'm Peter :) I like solving problems (especially with code), optimizing all the things, getting out of peoples way, and eating delicious food.

It's not uncommon to find me riding a bike up some massive mountain, watching The Expanse, attempting to express emotion by modulating the tone of my voice, or eating tasty food.

Peter Holland

Hi! I’m Sam. I’m from a small town in regional Australia and now re-designing the software industry. I’ve been in the US for over 5 years (previously at Bain & Co) and am obsessed with the incredible landscapes. Catch me riding bikes, watching cricket, playing with any dogs nearby, and trying new croissants whenever possible.

Sam Senior

Hey! I'm Sep, a software engineer from the land down under. I like using data to solve problems, learning new things and teaching others.

Besides being a computer nerd, I am also a coffee snob and have occasionally been seen outdoors on two wheels (literal definition of a Melbournian).

Sepehr Hosseini
Fullstack Engineer
Our Board
Andrew Nguyen
Board member & DEI Advisor
Elaine Zelby
Partner at SignalFire
Megan Niedermeyer
General Counsel

Our Investors

Basecamp Fund

Frequently asked questions

If TestBox is free, how do you make money?

We are paid by vendors when you buy a license after using TestBox. We get paid roughly the same no matter which vendor you choose, so we have no incentive to push you towards a specific vendor. Any recommendations we provide are entirely based on your requirements.

How are the software vendors involved in my TestBox experience?

The software vendors will only reach out to you when you request it through TestBox. You may want to talk to a vendor to understand a feature further, negotiate prices, or ask other questions. We’ll connect you when you’re ready. You will not otherwise receive any unsolicited calls or emails from the vendors. TestBox is built for you to buy on your terms.

How do you determine which use cases to build for me?

The use cases are ever evolving, however the ones you see today are from frequent customer co-design feedback sessions, our own internal software expertise, and your feedback as you use the product. The more people use TestBox, the smarter we get.

What information do you collect, why, and how is it used?

We collect the standard information used in a sales process to best recommend the right solution to you (e.g., your use cases, size of company, etc.).

We also collect your name and email so we can help you get up and running with TestBox and register your interest with our vendor partners. (They won’t reach out to you unless you explicitly ask to talk to them!)

We will also aggregate your feedback on which software you do and don't like to help our vendor partners learn how their products can be improved. None of that data will be attributed to you specifically.

Is my data secure with TestBox?

Yes. TestBox uses AI-generated data that looks like your own so you don’t need to put your own data into the platform. However, if you wish to load some of your own data into the various software solutions you’re testing, you are absolutely welcome to do so. None of the data will be stored by TestBox: instead it will be protected and stored by the vendor you are uploading data to (e.g., if you are testing Zendesk and upload your own company data, you will be protected by Zendesk’s extensive data security).

Does my company have to be a certain size to use TestBox?

TestBox is for any size company! TestBox is designed to eliminate the common frustrations of software buying that companies of all shapes and sizes face.

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