More deals. Faster sales cycles. Higher win rates.

Use TestBox to give your leads their own live, fully functional playground of your product, and watch your opportunities, deal sizes, and close rates soar.

Why sales teams love TestBox

Enjoy faster sales cycles, larger deal sizes, and higher win rates.

Keep leads engaged

Showcase TestBox playgrounds during your demo calls, then send them to leads afterward as a leave-behind. No more losing them to empty, disengaging free trial experiences.

Personalize everything

See which of your stakeholders spent time in the playground and exactly what they tested. Use that information to personalize your follow-ups to focus on what leads care about most.

Close larger deals

Product playgrounds give leads more confidence in your product, so they're more likely to sign up with more users, upgrade to higher-cost plans, and buy add-on products and services.

“TestBox lets me empower prospects by putting our product directly in their hands. I can ensure prospects with a preference to self-explore and not commit to formal sales calls can do so in an engaging way.”

Corey Parris, Dixa

Features designed for sales teams

interactive product demo in testbox
example of testbox demo on g2 profile
an example report in testbox

People love TestBox

Speed up your sales cycle with TestBox

“TestBox makes the trial process easy by providing a fully mature environment for our prospects, which makes our competitive advantage obvious. Even in cases where we lose the business, we lose faster, allowing us to get to the next prospect!”

Buyers want to get hands-on with products

"TestBox allows buyers to get hands-on in a live environment on their own time. For vendors, there is no better way to engage buyers and support value-driven conversations than providing access to TestBox."

TestBox decreases the deal cycle length

"Clients can get a feel of our product faster and easier. Before trialing our product, they can test any implementations or customizations they need inside of TestBox.”

Ready to drive more leads, increase win rates, and close deals faster?

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