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Select the products you want to test
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Full team catchup

Space for the full TestBox team to get together and just chat after the weekend, we hear about what each other is up to and what’s new in our lives outside of work

Weekly sneaks and snacks

Get together with the full TestBox team to share demos of work in progress, have some fun, and chat.


As a fully distributed company, we have “Onsites” each quarter, where the team comes together in person. We spend four days together doing planning and brainstorming for the upcoming quarter, as well as at team dinners and doing other fun activities. We don’t call these team “offsites,” as the term “offsite” comes from an office-centric working model.

What does it mean to be “distributed”

We’ve adopted the term “distributed workforce” to refer to ourselves, rather than calling ourselves “remote.” Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress and Automatic, coined the term to provide a more positive outlook on teams that are geographically spread out. “Remote” is a term that can bring to mind desolation or isolation, and thus “distributed” brings with it a much less lonely feel.

We are a distributed company meaning we are spread out across several time zones and countries. We’re excited to embrace the diversity that being distributed allows us. It also means that everyone has greater flexibility, the ability to set up their best workspace for themselves, especially during COVID.

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