Turn every AE into an A+ rep

With TestBox, your AEs can instantly create live, custom demo environments and POCs on their own. It's like having one sales engineer for every AE.

The benefits of TestBox for sales leaders

Close more deals faster than ever with fewer resources than before.

Hit your goals effortlessly

Our customers' best AEs are seeing average win rates between 65% and 80% when using TestBox.

Shorten your sales cycles

Our customers save 1-2 calls per deal when they use TestBox during the sales process.

Lower SE to AE ratios

You don't need an army of sales engineers creating and managing demo environments. Set TestBox up once, then create an infinite number of custom demo environments and POCs.

Focus on bigger deals

Send SMB and mid-market companies a product sandbox instead of demoing to them. They can evaluate your product on their own while your team focuses on larger deals.

Increase expansion

Use TestBox to show off new products and higher-tier plans to existing customers without impacting those customers' accounts.

Enable your team

Stop writing demo scripts. Using TestBox guided demo environments makes it easy for every AE on your team to deliver the perfect demo every time.
There is no better way to engage buyers and support value-driven conversations than by providing access to TestBox.”
Karen Darling
Karen Darling,
Head of U.S. Sales at Dixa

Features designed for sales teams

The perfect test drive

Show off the very best version of your product. TestBox environments are preconfigured with realistic data and functional integrations.
Create demo environments and POC leave-behinds instantly
Discover your leads' interests

Actionable insights

Analytics show which stakeholders have interacted with your product, what features they tested, and how long they spent testing each feature.
Custom experiences
Personalize your product with data that's appropriate for a lead's specific industry, or hand-pick the features you want to show them.
Customize data and use cases
TestBox has been a massive value-add for our SE team. They've enabled us to provide prospects with beautiful sandbox environments to allow them to quickly get their hands on the product and tangibly feel the value.
Karen Darling
Sean Bernard
Senior Solutions Engineer, Catalyst
TestBox saves us an average of 2-5 hours a week in developer time, but the big win is having products that are now demo-able that it would have taken us 3-5 months to create in our own demo instance.
Karen Darling
Beth Laing
Senior Director of Engineering, CallRail
Clients can get a feel of our product faster and easier. Before trialing our product, they can test any implementations or customizations they need inside of TestBox.
Karen Darling
Jared Walton

Account Executive, Zendesk
TestBox makes it easy for your prospects to experience your product's look and feel without having to do any of the onboarding/implementation. We love working with the TestBox team!
Karen Darling
David Brudnicki
Solutions Consultant, Catalyst
The dummy data included in TestBox makes it easier for prospects to understand how our solution works. Ultimately, this speeds up the sales process and makes both the buyer's and seller's job easier.
Karen Darling
Adam Nevin
Senior Account Executive, Zendesk
There is no better way to engage buyers and support value-driven conversations than providing access to TestBox.
Karen Darling
Karen Darling

Head of U.S. Sales, Dixa

More revenue, less effort

Spin up live demo environments, trials, and POCs in seconds with TestBox. Close more deals and speed up your sales cycle — all with fewer resources than ever before.