Put it to the TestBox: Syncari

September 20, 2023
In our very first episode of "Put it to the TestBox," our friend Jason Widup of Peak B2B test drives Syncari using the TestBox platform.
Jason Widup
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Welcome to the first episode of "Put it to the TestBox" where our friend Jason Widup (B2B Marketing Advisor at Peak B2B) tries new software using the TestBox platform. 

In this initial episode, Jason tries Syncari. If you’re not familiar with Syncari, they are a customer data platform for B2B operations teams. They connect to an incredible number of B2B technologies, allowing you to sync, unify, automate, and visualize the systems in your tech stack.

In this video, you can see exactly what it’s like to use Syncari as well as get an understanding of how TestBox works to allow Jason (or your prospects) to get hands-on experience with the application without the hassle of a trial or onboarding. It’s the real Syncari application Jason is using, not a clone or series of screenshots.

As Jason describes it, Syncari is a fairly technical application — that he’s never used before. Despite that, he was able to get a good grasp of what it does and how it works because of the richness of the TestBox experience. He was able to use the actual application with a guided walkthrough that ensured he got to those "aha" moments as quickly as possible.

Watch the full episode to experience the entire Syncari platform and see Jason talk through it as he figures it all out.

Watch Jason test drive Syncari using TestBox

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