Put it to the TestBox: Zendesk

November 2, 2023
In our second episode of "Put it to the TestBox," our friend Jason Widup of Peak B2B test drives Zendesk using the TestBox platform.
Jason Widup
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Back with our second episode of "Put It To The TestBox," a series in which Jason Widup explores different B2B tools using TextBox's sandbox software. In this episode, he evaluates Zendesk, a customer service platform he is familiar with but has never used personally.

Using TestBox to experience Zendesk firsthand, Jason explores automated case deflection, CRM integration, and the knowledge center capabilities. He tests the live chat feature from the perspective of a customer support agent. He also explores Zendesk's chatbot and interacts with automated responses, appreciating the realistic feel provided by TestBox.

Throughout the evaluation, Jason highlights the advantages of using TestBox for product evaluation, emphasizing the platform's ability to provide a realistic experience with pre-populated data, saving time and effort compared to setting up a free trial and inputting data manually.

Watch the full episode to experience the entire Zendesk platform and see Jason talk through it as he figures it all out.

Watch Jason test drive Zendesk using TestBox

Watch our Chief Solutions Officer, James Kaikis, talk about the future of solutions based organizations

Watch the presentation to learn about the change that you can make within your organization.

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