What’s New at TestBox? [Q2 2023]

April 4, 2023
New in TestBox: Integrate with Salesforce to create TestBox deals directly from Salesforce and to see enhanced deal and revenue metrics in Convert analytics.
Jessica Greene
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Today, we’re announcing the release of a new Salesforce integration in TestBox.

By integrating TestBox with Salesforce, you can create deals in TestBox directly from a Salesforce opportunity page, and you can also see enhanced deal and revenue metrics in TestBox analytics.

Learn more about the Salesforce integration below!

Deal and revenue metrics in TestBox analytics

If you haven’t yet integrated TestBox with Salesforce, your analytics dashboard will show a notice saying that certain data will only display if you’ve integrated with your CRM:

If your sales team uses Salesforce as your CRM, a TestBox account owner can connect the integration to get those fields to display data pulled from Salesforce. To set up the integration, go into account settings, scroll down to the integrations section, and follow the prompts to integrate TestBox with Salesforce.

Once the integration is set up, you’ll be able to see data like your total won amount, average deal value, and average deal duration for opportunities that were provided with TestBox sandboxes.

Additionally, for individual deals, you’ll also be able to see the deal amount.

Create TestBox deals directly from Salesforce

In addition to enhancing your TestBox analytics, you can also create TestBox deals directly from Salesforce opportunities. 

To add this feature to your Salesforce account, follow these instructions:

Once you’ve completed the installation, navigate to an opportunity in Salesforce and click the “Add to TestBox” (or whatever you chose as the label in the installation step) button.

In the modal that pops up, confirm that all of the company and stakeholder information is correct, then click “Create.” 

That will take you into TestBox where the company and stakeholder information will be automatically populated, saving you from having to fill out the same information in both systems.

Learn more about TestBox

TestBox lets sales and marketing teams instantly create live, fully functional product sandboxes to share with their leads or embed on their websites. 

TestBox playgrounds are true one-to-one sandboxes of your live software, each prepopulated with real data and use cases. This allows prospects to test drive and experience your software as though they’ve been using it for months, making it easier for them to reach that “aha!” moment.

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