What’s New at TestBox? [Q1 2023]

March 16, 2023
New in TestBox: See how leads are interacting with your product sandboxes, helping you follow up at just the right time with the perfect personalized message.
Jessica Greene
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Today, we’re announcing the release of analytics for TestBox!

Now, when you log into TestBox Convert and click the “Analytics” tab, you’ll have access to several new reports that will let you see:

  • Which companies have (and haven’t) activated their product sandboxes.
  • Which decision-makers have (or haven’t) engaged with your sandbox.
  • How much time individual prospects have spent engaging with your sandbox.
  • Which features each of your decision-makers are the most interested in.
  • And more!

Learn more about all of the new reports below!

See which companies have activated their sandboxes

The new “Deals” report provides a high-level overview of the status of all of the deals you’ve created product sandboxes for. You can see if a company has or hasn’t activated their sandbox, the date they were added, how long it’s been since they accessed your sandbox, and the status of the deal.

Your sales team can use this info to send follow-up emails to leads at just the right time.

See who’s interacted with your sandbox and what they tested

Click the “View Insights” link in the “Deals” report to dig deep into how different stakeholders have interacted with your product. You can see which stakeholders have accessed your sandbox, how long they spent testing your software, and which features and use cases they were most interested in.

Drilling a little deeper, you can see exactly what and when each stakeholder tested different features of your product, as well as a high-level report on which use cases have gotten the most engagement from that company.

AEs can use this report to create truly personalized follow-up communications. Send individual decision-makers emails with more information about the features they were most engaged with, or put a plan together for a follow-up call that goes in-depth on the features your lead cares about the most when making the purchasing decision.

See the status of all deals that were sent product sandboxes

At the top of the new analytics dashboard, you’ll see some summary information about all of the deals you’ve sent product sandboxes to. 

Use this information to:

  • See the exact revenue amount generated from deals that used TestBox sandboxes.
  • Determine the ROI of your TestBox subscription. The minimum ROI we’ve seen for existing customers is 10x.
  • Compare win rates of deals that use product sandboxes vs. those that don’t.
  • Compare the length of sales cycles between deals that are and aren’t provided with product sandboxes.

Learn more about TestBox

TestBox lets sales and marketing teams create truly interactive product sandboxes in seconds.

Unlike product tour tools where teams have to take screenshots and then spend hours linking those screenshots together to create clickable walkthroughs, TestBox playgrounds are true one-to-one sandboxes of your live software, each prepopulated with real data use cases. 

This allows prospects to test drive and experience your software as though it was already implemented at their companies, making it easier for them to reach that “aha!” moment.

Learn more about TestBox or request a demo.

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