9 Navattic Competitors for Stellar Product Demos in 2024

February 15, 2024
If you've outgrown Navattic and are looking for a more feature-rich replacement, these nine Navattic competitors and alternatives are worth looking into.
Ben Wright
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One of the most well-known tools in the interactive product demo space is Navattic. Because of its low pricing and ease of setup, it's often a good first choice for teams that need to validate this type of software is effective before they can get signoff on a more feature-rich tool.

However, once teams realize that product tours are an effective way to increase visit-to-trial and win rates, the limitations of a tool like Navattic start to show. The screengrab-based functionality makes it time-consuming to build tours and demos, and any time your product's features or UI change, you have to build everything all over again from scratch.

If you've outgrown Navattic and are looking for a more feature-rich replacement, these nine Navattic competitors and alternatives are worth looking into.

1. TestBox

Best Navattic alternative for solutions teams and sales-led organizations.

While Navattic is a great tool for marketing teams that are looking to create product tours, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to sales use cases. For sales and solutions teams, TestBox is a much better fit, helping AEs and SEs create custom demo environments and POCs instantly.

TestBox works on top of a live instance of your product. Demo environments and POCs you create with it are fully functional and always contain your product's latest features and UI. TestBox environments can be created in seconds using the app or a Salesforce or HubSpot CRM integration, allowing your SEs to refocus their time on closing deals.

Each company you're talking to gets its own unique product instance, so you never have to worry about PII in the platform. Plus, each instance is preconfigured with realistic, AI-generated data and functional integrations, making it easy for leads to experience your product as though they've already been using it for months.

After sending a TestBox sandbox to a lead, you can access detailed metrics on how leads are interacting with it. See which specific stakeholders have activated, how long they spent testing, which features they tested, and how long they spent testing each of those features. This helps you create personalized follow-up communications.

Finally, for sales-led orgs that don't have an existing free trial, TestBox sandboxes can be used to give prospects a way to try your product before they buy it. You can embed TestBox trials on your website, add test-drive CTAs to email marketing and outbound campaigns, and include them on your G2 profile.

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Want to learn more? Schedule a demo to see how TestBox can help you create on-demand, personalized demo environments and POCs for every lead.

2. Reprise

Best Navattic competitor for catering to multiple go-to-market use cases.

Reprise is a great alternative to Navattic for teams who are finding that Navattic doesn't cater well to the multiple ways they want to use the product. With three separate products — Reveal, Replay, and Replicate — Reprise offers specific workflows for several of the uses for demo automation software across the purchasing journey.

Reprise Reveal uses a browser plugin to show personalized data during live demos. The extension works on top of your existing demo environment, allowing you to show different data sets based on a lead's industry, vertical, or goals. The data is personalized in real time, temporarily overwriting the front-end code of your sales demo environment.

Reprise Replay is a product tour builder like Navattic, but instead of only offering screengrab capabilities, it also offers application capture that lets you capture a video of your entire journey of clicking through your product and using its different features. This makes it faster to build product tours than Navattic where you capture and build one screen at a time.

Finally, Reprise Replicate clones both the front- and back-end code of your product, capturing more of its functionality than a simple front-end screengrab. This makes it more useful than basic product tours for sales teams that want to send tours as leave-behinds after demos. Clones can be used to create templates for more personalized demos.

And while the variety of tools Reprise offers makes it a good option for scaling the use of demo automation across your entire GTM team, it's important to note that all of these products are sold individually, which can significantly increase your costs.

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3. Demostack

Best Navattic alternative for creating leave-behind product tours.

The main distinction between Demostack and Navattic lies in the way interactive demos are created. While Navattic captures your product's front-end code one screen at a time, Demostack offers a more comprehensive approach.

With Demostack, you can capture both the front- and back-end code of your product. This results in a capture that not only allows you to manipulate what is shown on the screen but also lets you showcase real functionality in your product. Things like dropdowns, reports, and filters will continue working in your capture with no additional work from your team.

The capturing of both front- and back-end code results in a default demo environment from which all future demos can be derived. This method ultimately makes taking advantage of product tours simpler for sales teams who don't have time to create individual tours for every lead they talk to.

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4. Walnut

Best Navattic competitor for AI-generated demo scripts, notes, and emails.

Walnut is a well-known player in the demo automation space. It lets you create product tours in the same way as Navattic — you use a browser plugin to take screengrabs of your product's front-end code and then combine those screengrabs into a tour using Walnut's no-code editor.

The main way that Walnut stands out from Navattic is the way in which Walnut is making its product more intelligent through the use of AI.

With Walnut, you can use AI to expedite the process of creating product tours, demos, and follow-up messaging. Nutty AI appears when you're creating product tours to help you write copy, it will create notes for salespeople to use during live demos, and it can even help you write follow-up emails through Walnut's Gmail add-on.

The addition of AI makes Walnut one of the best alternatives to Navattic if you are looking for a smarter interactive demo tool.

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5. Arcade

Best Navattc alternative for teams looking to save on costs.

If you can no longer afford the cost of Navattic but don't want to have to give up your ability to create product tours, Arcade is worth looking into. In addition to having a free plan, it has the lowest per-month cost of all of the tools in the product tour software space, making it a good option for startups and small businesses that are on a tight budget.

Arcade functions similarly to Navattic — you use a browser plugin to capture screengrabs of your product's front-end code — but as you'd expect from the price tag, it's not as feature-rich as most of the other products in this space. However, it's a great option for teams who want to create simple product tours for a low monthly cost.

6. Storylane

Best Navattic alternative for creating product tours more quickly.

If you really like Navattic but find that it just takes too long to capture all of the screens you want to show and stitch those together into a custom demo, Storylane is a great alternative to consider. Storylane has similar costs to Navattic, but its application capture feature makes it much faster to capture your product and turn it into a tour.

Unlike Navattc where you have to capture your product one screen at a time, Storylane's application capture lets you essentially turn on the capture and then click through all of the screens you want to appear in the product tour. Once you're finished, you can access all of those screens in its builder and start adding your tooltips and steps to finalize the tour.

Like Navattic, tours created in Storylane can be used as sales enablement leave-behinds, embedded on your website, shared on LinkedIn and other social media platforms, and even given to new customers to help with product onboarding.

7. Saleo

Best Navattic competitor for personalized live demos.

Saleo is built for a very specific use case: live demo personalization. The demo platform doesn't help you create product tours like Navattic, send tours as leave-behinds like Demostack and Reprise, or create proof of concepts like TestBox. It is simply and solely built for showing personalized data during live demo calls.

Saleo works via a browser extension that you turn on while viewing your existing demo environment. Within the Saleo application, you can create custom datasets for as many use cases and verticals as you need. Then, you turn on the browser extension, select the dataset you want to display, and Saleo shows that data in your demo environment.

While you're demoing with the Saleo extension, you can change any of the data shown without impacting the core dataset, so AEs and sales engineers no longer have to worry about custom demo creation or going into the demo environment to clean it up before a demo call.

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8. Consensus

Best Navattic competitor for creating customized video demos.

Consensus is a very different tool from any of the others on this list. It's a video-focused tool that allows you to create personalized video demo walkthroughs for prospects and leads. If you have a lot of demo videos already but need a better way to make use of them to show off your product’s functionality and user experience, it's a great option to consider.

Instead of forcing prospects and leads to sit through a 30-minute generic demo, Consensus has tools that let you show shorter videos that are focused on exactly what the prospect is interested in.

The prospect answers a question like "What is your role," and then is served a video that's specific to that role. Multiple questions and follow-up videos can be strung together to create hyper-personalized self-serve demo experiences.

9. Tourial

Best alternative for teams looking for a one-to-one Navattic replacement.

The final option on our list of the best Navattic competitors is Tourial. It functions exactly the same as Navattic — capture screengrabs of your product one at a time, then tie them together using the tools’s no-code builder.

Tourial tours can be gated or ungated. If you do decide to use ungated tours, you can use Tourial’s built-in lead forms to capture contact information at any point during the walkthrough.

Finding the right Navattic alternative for your team

The nine Navattic alternatives and competitors mentioned in this post offer a range of features and capabilities that can enhance your interactive demo experiences.

Each of these alternatives has its own strengths and features that may align better with your specific requirements, so it's important to evaluate your needs and preferences to select the most suitable option.

By leveraging the capabilities of demo automation software, sales and marketing teams can provide a more immersive and tailored experience for potential customers, leading to higher engagement, a better understanding of product value, and increased conversions.

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