The 10 Best Reprise Competitors in 2024 [Compared]

February 15, 2024
If you're a current Reprise customer looking for a new solution, we've compiled this list of 10 Reprise competitors and alternatives to consider.
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Reprise, a Boston-based startup, is one of the most robust tools in the demo automation software space. Unlike many of its competitors, Reprise has tools that cater to a variety of use cases: a product tour tool for marketing teams, a product cloning tool for sales leave-behinds, and a demo overlay tool for personalizing live demo environments.

This flexibility has made it a leader in the space. However, each of these tools is a separate product with a separate price, so using Reprise across the funnel can get pricey very quickly. Additionally, Reprise has one of the lowest G2 ratings of all of the demo automation tools, with reviewers citing an unintuitive UI and massive time commitments required to build out new tours.

If you're a current Reprise customer who’s ready for a new solution, we've compiled this list of 10 Reprise competitors and alternatives to consider.

1. TestBox

Best Reprise alternative for sales teams and solutions engineers.

TestBox is one of the only Reprise alternatives that can be used across the entire buying journey in the same way Reprise can with its different products. With TestBox, teams can:

  • Embed guided trials of their product on their websites.
  • Run live demos in a clean, personalized demo environment.
  • Send POCs as leave-behinds after a sales demo.

However, unlike Reprise, TestBox sandboxes aren’t a mere screen recording or clone of your product. TestBox sits on top of a live instance of your product. Teams can build new TestBox sandboxes in seconds, each featuring a fully functional live production instance of your product that always has your most current features and UI included.

TestBox has many features that make your trials and POCs more useful for your buying committees. Each sandbox is preconfigured with functional integrations and AI-generated, realistic data. This helps leads experience your product as though they’ve already been using it for months — and get to that “aha” moment faster than ever.

Additionally, a quick links menu points leads directly to your most important features, and guided walkthroughs explain what those features do and how they work.

When sales reps send TestBox POCs to leads, they get detailed metrics on how leads are (or aren’t) interacting with your product. See which stakeholders accessed it, how long they spent testing, and which features and use cases they were most interested in. This helps you identify who to follow up with and what information to send in follow-up communications.

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Want to learn more? Schedule a demo to see how TestBox can help you create on-demand, personalized demo environments and POCs for every lead.

2. Navattic

Best Reprise competitor for teams looking to save on costs.

If you’re only using Reprise’s product tour tool and need to switch to an alternative with a lower cost, Navattic is a great option. With pricing as low as $500 per month for unlimited interactive demos, it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Navattic is a screenshot-based product tour tool; it doesn’t offer the application capture capability available in Reprise. This can make it a bit more time-consuming to build tours in Navattic because all screens have to be captured one at a time and tied together in Navattic’s no-code tour builder with tooltips, links, and steps.

Navattic is also a little less customizable than Reprise, offering fewer options to adjust the design of your product tours, but it has enough options to make it match your brand well enough.

If you're willing to sacrifice your branding and a little time for the sake of a lower annual payment, Navattic is a good Reprise alternative to consider.

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3. Consensus

Best Reprise alternative for video product demos.

If static product tours aren’t working for your team and you want to give users something more dynamic, Consensus might be a great alternative to consider. It lets teams build guided video walkthroughs and workflows where different videos are shown to leads based on how they answer questions your team composes.

For example, if you cater to multiple personas and sell to multiple industries, you could create personalized demo videos for each industry and each key persona within those industries, then use the answers leads provide to show the appropriate demo videos to each lead. This is significantly better than showing every lead the same, long, generalized video demo.

Consensus demos can also be sent to leads after a sales call, and they can share the videos with others on the buying committee. They can then see which stakeholders have accessed the demo videos, providing your champion with the information they need to see who from their organizations have explored it.

4. Demostack

Best Reprise competitor for cloned product tours.

Demostack works exactly like Reprise’s Replicate product. You use a Chrome extension to capture both the front- and back-end clone of your application, allowing you to create more dynamic product walkthroughs that show not only the UI but also functional elements like drop-downs, filters, and graphs.

These clones can be used in multiple formats across the SaaS buying journey. Marketing and outbound teams can send them as interactive product tours to leads, presales teams can use them to create unique demos for live sales calls, and sales teams can send them to leads as leave-behinds after a demo call.

If you really like the way Reprise Replicate works but are looking for an alternative, Demostack is the only other option on the market that works in the exact same way.

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5. Saleo

Best Reprise alternative for creating live demo environments.

Saleo’s demo platform works like Reprise’s Reveal product: it uses a browser extension to inject data into the UI of an existing demo environment, allowing teams to show personalized data during live demos. All changes are temporary and only display when the extension is active, meaning AEs and SEs no longer have to go into their demo environments to clean them up.

This makes Saleo a great option for showing personalized data during live sales calls.

However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind for both Saleo and Reprise Reveal. First, because all data fields in your platform have to be mapped to Saleo, the work has to be redone every time your product changes. Second, SEs still have to create all of the datasets available in Saleo, so there’s a fair amount of upfront work required to get Saleo up and running.

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6. Storylane

Best Reprise competitor for low-cost application-capture tours.

Storylane is another great Reprise alternative to consider if you’re looking to save costs on your demo software solution. With a free plan that includes one published product experience and paid plans that start as low as $40 per user per month, it’s one of the most cost-effective solutions in the demo automation market.

Storylane is a screen-capturing tool like Reprise, Walnut, and Navattic. But unlike Navattic and Walnut, Storylane also offers an application-capture feature that allows you to capture screens as you click through your product rather than one screen at a time. This can really speed up the process of building your tour; you can grab your entire product in one go.

In terms of other features, Storylane is comparable to Reprise. You can embed your tours on your website, share them via links on social media and other third-party sites, customize your tours to match the look and feel of your brand, and access overall metrics on how users are interacting with your tours.

7. Walnut

Best Navattic competitor for AI-generated demo scripts, notes, and emails.

Walnut works by using a browser plugin to take screengrabs of your product's front-end code and then combine those screengrabs into a tour using its no-code editor.

The main way that Walnut stands out from Reprise is the way in which Walnut is making its product more intelligent through the use of AI.

With Walnut, you can use AI to expedite the process of creating product tours, demos, and follow-up messaging. Nutty AI appears when you're creating product tours to help you write copy, it will create notes for salespeople to use during live demos, and it can even help you write follow-up emails through Walnut's Gmail add-on.

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8. UserGuiding

Best Reprise alternative for teams focused on customer onboarding.

Where many of the other tools in this list are focused on the presales process, UserGuidng is more focused on creating a great customer experience during new customer onboarding.

In addition to providing you with tools to create interactive product guides, you can also use UserGuiding to create onboarding flows, documentation, a resource center, tutorials, tooltips, and more — all right inside of your product.

If your customer success team is using Reprise for new customer onboarding, UserGuiding may be a better alternative because of its advanced segmentation ability. With detailed segmentation capabilities, you can provide each of your customers with highly tailored onboarding experiences.

9. Tourial

Best Reprise competitor for deep CRM integrations.

Tourial is another Reprise competitor that lets you capture screenshots via a browser extension and tie those screenshots together to create product tours.

However, Tourial sets itself apart by having a strong focus on lead generation. The platform allows you to create custom lead forms that overlay your interactive demo, which can be integrated directly into your CRM. This provides a seamless way to capture and convert leads who may be interested in your platform.

This emphasis on lead capture is a unique feature that Reprise does not offer, making Tourial a valuable alternative solution for businesses looking to generate leads through product tours.

10. Lancey

Best Reprise alternative for a wide range of integrations.

Our final Reprise competitor on the list is Lancey, which also creates demo environments by compiling multiple screenshots that prospects can click through to test out.

However, the major difference between Reprise and Lancey is Lancey's strong focus on integrations. Lancey integrates with some of the most popular tools in the market, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Loom, and Vidyard, allowing it to work seamlessly with the tools you use every day.

In contrast, Reprise has a limited number of integrations currently available with their platform. If integration with your existing tools is important to you, Lancey is a strong alternative solution to consider alongside Reprise.

Choosing the best Reprise alternative for your team

Choosing the right Reprise alternative really comes down to what your team needs.

If what you're looking for is a lower-cost tool that works like Reprise, either Navattic or Storylane might be right for you.

If you want the same overall functionality but are seeking specific features Reprise doesn't offer, Walnut, Tourial, or Lancey might fit the bill.

For the sales use case, however, the tools above probably aren’t going to truly meet your needs. Sales teams are much better off looking to alternatives like TestBox, Saleo, and Demostack.

By matching the tool's features to how, when, and why you plan to use it, you can find the right demo automation tool for your team’s long-term needs.

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