The 9 Most Unique Demostack Competitors and Alternatives

February 15, 2024
If your company has been running into limitations with Demostack, these nine Demostack competitors and alternatives are worth looking into.
Ben Wright
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In the broader demo automation software market, Demostack is fairly unique. It’s one of only two tools that allow you to clone the front- and back-end code of your product, which sets it apart from the oversaturated product tour tool market that only captures your front-end code. This makes tours created in Demostack much more functional than traditional product tours.

However, Demostack suffers from some of the same problems that make product tour tools a poor fit for sales teams. Demostack tours take a long time to create. And after they’re created, all PII has to be removed, which takes another big chunk of time. Finally, all of the work has to be completely redone any time your product changes because your tours are now outdated.

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of time your team spends on creating demo environments and POCs, Demostack probably isn’t the right fit. Instead, you should consider one of the following Demostack competitors.

1. TestBox

Best Demostack alternative for automating demo environment and POC creation.

TestBox lets sales teams fully automate the process of creating demo environments and POCs for their SaaS products.

Instead of cloning your product, TestBox sits on top of a live instance of your product that’s fully functional and always displays your most up-to-date features and UI. You’ll never have to create another demo environment again.

Teams simply integrate with TestBox once. After that, new demo environments and POCs can be created in seconds by either AEs or SEs using the TestBox app or a CRM integration,. This allows your solutions engineers to refocus their time on closing deals instead of creating and managing demo environments and POCs.

Each TestBox sandbox is unique and preconfigured with realistic, PII-free data and functional integrations. These features make your demos and POCs feel more personalized and robust for leads, making it easier for them to see exactly how your product can work for their organizations.

For teams that sell into multiple verticals or industries, TestBox can create custom datasets and templates that are personalized based on the needs of each different type of lead. Show or hide features based on what different personas are most interested in, and make sure the data they see in the platform matches the type of data they’ll eventually upload as customers.

After sending a POC to a lead, reps can view detailed metrics showing which stakeholders are testing, which features they're testing, and how long they spent testing overall and by feature. This allows reps to follow up with highly personalized communications.

If you're looking for a much more robust Demostack alternative, TestBox is likely the best option.

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Want to learn more? Schedule a demo to see how TestBox can help you create on-demand, personalized demo environments and POCs for every lead.

2. Saleo

Best Demostack alternative for personalizing live demos.

Saleo is a demo experience platform that works on top of your existing demo environment. It uses a Chrome extension to inject data into the front end of your demo environment, letting your reps adjust the data displayed in your demo environment before a demo.

When you purchase Saleo, their team maps out all of the fields in your product that display data. Teams can then create datasets for each of those fields that can be selected before a sales call, allowing the rep to deliver a custom demo without making any changes to the core demo environment. This ensures the core demo environment always stays clean.

However, the way Saleo works does have some downsides. When your product changes, all of the data fields need to be remapped, and new data created for the new data fields. Additionally, there’s a significant amount of upfront work to create all of the datasets your reps will need to be able to access inside of Saleo.

It's also worth noting that Saleo can only be used during live demos. Because of its reliance on a browser extension to adjust what's displayed in your demo environment, Saleo demos cannot be used for sales enablement as leave-behinds or during other key moments in the sales cycle.

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3. Consensus

Best Demostack competitor for presales teams with lots of video demo assets.

If what you really want your demo software to do is let you make the most of dozens or hundreds of videos your team has created over the years, Consensus might be right for you.

Unlike the other tools on this list, Consensus is fully focused on video demos. It takes your existing demo and customer success videos and helps you create a more interactive visitor experience by giving you tools to weave those videos together in a more personalized and engaging way.

For example, you can start by asking visitors what industry they're in, then show them a video that's focused specifically on the industry they selected. Then, you can ask which features they care about the most and show videos specific to the features they selected.

This allows you to engage visitors with shorter, more personalized video content, which is a much better experience than having everyone watch the same long, one-size-fits-all demo recording.

4. Reprise

Best for teams looking for a one-to-one Demostack replacement.

If you're just not a fan of Demostack and want to move to something else that does pretty much the exact same thing, Reprise might be a great option. Its Replicate product is the only other demo creation tool that can be used to clone your front- and back-end code like Demostack.

One of the upsides of Reprise is that it actually offers multiple different products, each catering to a specific use case. Reprise Replay caters to marketing teams looking to create product tours, Reprise Replicate works like Demostack, and Reprise Reveal is similar to Saleo, using a browser extension to display custom data on top of your demo environment.

This makes Reprise a bit more flexible for software companies that are looking for tools that cater to several workflows across go-to-market teams.

Another advantage of Reprise over Demostack is in the number of integrations Reprise offers. Reprise includes pre-built integrations for HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, and Google Analytics. In contrast, Demostack only offers out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce.

5. Coast

Best Demostack alternative for teams selling API products.

If you’re selling an API product that doesn’t have its own user interface, Coast might be a great option for demoing your product experience. It connects your API to a functional UI template that you can personalize for each lead you talk to and show off your product in its best light.

When you demo, you can show different things based on who you’re demoing to. For less technical stakeholders, you can show the sample UI so the buyer can see how your API will work with the front end of their system. But when you’re demoing to engineering teams, you can show the back-end code utilizing your API. This ensures a great demo experience for all buyers and helps you close deals.

After the demo, the Coast demo environment can be sent to leads as a leave-behind POC, helping your first contact at the company get other decision-makers on board easily. Each Coast instance is on a custom link so that every lead gets their own experience, and each spins up a local database to ensure that the changes leads make in the workflows are saved.

6. Olto

Best Demostack alternative for AI-powered live demo personalization.

Olto is a newer product on the demo automation market that’s currently only available through early access. It works like Saleo and Reprise Reveal, using a browser extension to inject data into an existing demo environment during live sales calls. This lets AEs personalize the data shown to the leads and helps keep your core demo environment clean.

One advantage Olto has over Saleo and Reprise, however, is that it lets teams replace data using AI rather than having to manually build datasets to show during demos. This can save SEs a of time and ensure that you’re never showing PII during demo calls.

7. Navattic

Best Demostack competitor for marketing teams looking to save on costs.

Navattic is one of a number of interactive product demo startups that have popped up in recent years. It’s best for creating simple guided walkthroughs you can embed on your website, send in your email marketing, or link to in CTAs from LinkedIn and other ad platforms.

Navattic is renowned for having the most cost-effective pricing in the market, making it an attractive option for those seeking a more budget-friendly alternative to Demostack.

However, with that lower cost comes fewer features. Navattic is a screen-capture-based tool, so its tours take much longer to create than Demostack. Teams will need to build tours one screen at a time with Navattic. Additionally, Navattic is much more focused on the marketing use case than the sales use case; it’s designed for leads to self-service rather than to be used in demos.

If what you're looking for is a simple guided walkthrough you can embed on your marketing site, Navattic is a great, low-cost option. But if you're looking for something that can be used by your entire GTM team, Navattic may struggle to meet all of your team's needs.

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8. Storylane

Best Demostack alternative for marketing and sales teams looking to save costs.

Storylane, like Navattic, is another option that is more cost-efficient than Demostack. However, it offers some features that Navattic doesn't, making it a viable option for both marketing product tours and sales leave-behinds.

Storylane's growth plan lets teams use a feature called application capture. Like Navattic, it's a browser plugin that captures all of your product's front-end code, but unlike Navattic, Storylane captures a video of your entire journey through the product rather than forcing you to capture product screens one at a time.

This feature makes Storylane a bit more appealing for the sales leave-behind use case because it's much simpler for AEs to open Storylane over your demo environment and quickly capture their journey through your product to follow up with leads with quick tours of features they asked about during or after the demo.

9. Walnut

Best Demostack alternative for teams that want to use AI to improve their demos.

Our last Demostack alternative is Walnut, a tool with a unique approach compared to some of the other solutions mentioned.

Similar to Navattic and Storylane, Walnut allows users to capture screenshots of their products and stitch them together to create a product tour. However, Walnut sets itself apart from the other product tour tools with its incorporation of AI technology.

Walnut's NuttyAI product enables users to create demos, develop pitch scripts, and interact more intelligently with prospects. This AI functionality is a significant advantage over Demostack, which currently lacks AI integration, resulting in a more manual and time-consuming process for creating demos.

Choosing the right Demostack alternative for your company

While there are many other Demostack competitors out there — options like Demoboost, Tourial, Storyscale, Lancey, and Arcade — these all work very similarly to tools like Walnut, Navattic, and Reprise Replay. In this list, we wanted to focus on the tools that offered unique features that truly made them the best Demostack alternatives to consider.

However, if your team is looking for a very specific capability in a product tour tool that you didn't find in the options we presented, those could also be worth considering as you search for the best interactive demo software for your team.

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