Convert more visitors to trial and more trials to customers

Include live, fully functional playgrounds of your product everywhere your prospects are looking, and watch your visit-to-trial and trial-to-paid rates soar.

Why marketing teams love TestBox

Stop losing leads to an empty, overwhelming free trial.

Engage your visitors

Landing pages can never fully explain everything your product does, and your trial experience requires too much effort for people who are just exploring options. TestBox makes it easier for prospects to reach that "aha!" moment.

Highlight top features

TestBox's UI sits on top of a live trial of your product and guides users instantly to the features they care about the most. When prospects can easily find and test their must-have features, they're much more likely to convert.

Capture new prospects

Anyone who signs up for a trial of your product in TestBox is instantly sent to your marketing automation tool. Engage with them by sending follow-up email nurtures, running retargeting ads, or having your sales team reach out.

"TestBox provides an easier way for new users to understand our product's logic, features, most useful tools, etc. Thanks to this, prospects have fewer questions about the basics."

Piotr Jakubowski, Zendesk

Creative ways teams are using TestBox

interactive product demo in testbox
example of testbox demo on g2 profile
an example report in testbox

People love TestBox

Speed up your sales cycle with TestBox

“TestBox makes the trial process easy by providing a fully mature environment for our prospects, which makes our competitive advantage obvious. Even in cases where we lose the business, we lose faster, allowing us to get to the next prospect!”

Buyers want to get hands-on with products

"TestBox allows buyers to get hands-on in a live environment on their own time. For vendors, there is no better way to engage buyers and support value-driven conversations than providing access to TestBox."

TestBox decreases the deal cycle length

"Clients can get a feel of our product faster and easier. Before trialing our product, they can test any implementations or customizations they need inside of TestBox.”

Ready to drive more leads, increase win rates, and close deals faster?

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