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Thousands of decision-makers use TestBox and TrustRadius to compare, evaluate, and test B2B software. Let's work together to get your product in front of them right when they're ready to buy.

Some of the biggest brands in SaaS use TestBox to generate leads:

“TestBox makes the trial process easy by providing a fully mature environment for our prospects, which makes our competitive advantage obvious.”
Charles O'Hara, Director of Sales
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How TestBox's partner program works

Join our marketplace

Every month, thousands of buyers visit TestBox to evaluate, compare, and test drive B2B software. As a TestBox partner, you'll join our marketplace, where you'll have the opportunity to get in front of buyers who are actively searching for products like yours.

Highlight your best features

TestBox sits on top of a live, fully functional trial of your product. It's preconfigured with sample data and contains quick links to your top features, making it easy for buyers to see exactly how your product will work when it's fully implemented at their companies.
Test products with real-world use cases
Hot swap between products

Prove your product is the best

Confident you could take on the market leader in your category if people just compared your products side-by-side? TestBox lets prospects test up to five tools at once, making it easy for them to find the tool that's perfect for their teams.

Why partner with TestBox?

Capture leads. Convert deals. Reduce churn.

Grow your revenue

TestBox gets your product in front of more buyers than ever before and lets them experience it as though they've already been using it for months.

Generate more leads

All partners get a link to their playgrounds on TrustRadius, letting prospects explore your features while they're researching options.

Decrease churn

TestBox helps leads fully understand your product before purchase, leading to higher retention, reduced churn, and happier customers.

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