9 Ways Marketing Teams Use TestBox

October 20, 2023
Marketing teams use TestBox to convert more visitors into leads and generate more revenue, both through new business and expansion.
Jessica Greene
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Marketing teams use TestBox to convert more visitors into leads and generate more revenue, both through new business and expansion.

Here are nine ways our customers' marketing teams are hitting their goals using TestBox Capture in creative ways. We’d love for you to try these too!

1. Offer a free trial on your website

If you're doing marketing at a sales-led organization, you can use TestBox to create a trial-like product playground that lets you cater to demo-averse prospects and turn them into leads. 

There are a few ways you can do this.

Add a "Test drive" or "Try for free" CTA to your site nav

Syncari uses a "Test Drive" CTA in its main navigation menu to send visitors into a TestBox-powered free trial of its product.

If you want to offer a free trial to all of your prospects, you can take the approach Syncari is using in the screenshot above and include a CTA to your TestBox Capture on every page of your website. This is often the best option given that 38% of buyers say having to contact sales makes them less likely to purchase.

Once prospects have played around with your product and are feeling more confident that your tool is what they need, you can get them into your sales process in one of two ways:

  1. Add a "Get a Demo" CTA in the Capture experience to make it easy for them to take the next step and schedule a demo with your sales team.
  2. Have your sales team do one-to-one outreach to the ICP leads that come in through the Capture rather than the demo experience.

Create a product tour page

If you only want to send visitors into your TestBox Capture if they're specifically looking for it, you can create a product tour page on your website and embed your TestBox Capture on that page. This makes it accessible for people who are specifically looking for a trial experience but doesn't make it widely available to every single visitor to your website.

Send ICP leads to demo and non-ICP leads to your TestBox Capture

For many sales-led organizations, it's difficult to cater to SMB and mid-market companies with your typical sales process — the economics often don't make sense

TestBox gives teams a way to cater to smaller companies and weed out the tire-kickers so the sales team only needs to spend time working with serious buyers.

The way we've seen our customers accomplish this with TestBox is by using a "Get Started" CTA rather than the typical sales-led "Get a Demo" CTA. 

Then, you can use whichever form field is applicable for your business — at Dixa, they used "Number of expected agents" — to send ICP leads into the sales funnel and non-ICP leads into a TestBox Capture.

Using the "Get Started" CTA is important because it doesn't specify how visitors will engage with your team. It's frustrating for buyers if they believe they're getting a demo but are sent to trial instead — and vice versa — so keeping it open-ended is key to creating a great experience.

2. Increase trial-to-paid conversion rates

If you're doing marketing at a product-led company, you might be struggling with low trial-to-paid conversion rates that are making it hard to hit your revenue goals. 

Marketing often gets blamed for this with the assumption that you're just acquiring low-quality leads, but often it's a poor trial onboarding experience that's to blame.

Instead of sending prospects into an empty free trial, some of our customers send them into a TestBox Capture. 

Quick links to key product features and guided walkthroughs make it easy for leads to find and test what they're looking for, and AI-generated data and preconfigured integrations let them experience what it will be like to use your product once it's fully set up. 

This is often a far more effective way to guide buyers to that "aha" moment than just dumping them into your product and expecting them to figure it out on their own, connect their business-critical third-party systems, and upload their own data — all just to test out something they're not even sure is going to work for their needs yet.

3. Reengage lost leads

Every SaaS company has a long list of lost leads — people who started a trial but didn't convert, went through the sales process but ended up choosing a competitor, filled out a demo form but never scheduled a demo, scheduled a demo but didn't show for the call, and so on.

Creating email nurturing sequences that include links to your TestBox Capture can be a great way to reengage those leads and bring them back into your buying funnel. Here are some ideas for the types of nurtures you can create that include links to TestBox Capture:

  • Create a sequence that triggers 9-10 months after a deal is marked as closed-lost to get leads to evaluate your product again. Some closed-lost deals might have signed up for an annual subscription with a competitor, but they may not be happy with that choice. 
  • Create a sequence that triggers if a lead starts a trial but does little to nothing in your product. It's possible they were overwhelmed by your trial and didn't know how to start their evaluation, and a guided TestBox trial might be just what's needed to get back onto their shortlist.
  • Create a sequence to send to people who entered their email on your trial or demo request form but didn't submit the form — or people who scheduled a demo but didn't show up. Following up with more information about your product and a link to a test drive experience could bring them back into your funnel.
  • After you launch a long-requested feature, send your TestBox Capture link in an email to closed-lost leads where the deal didn't close because you were missing that feature. This gives them the opportunity to test the features themselves and may bring them back to give your product another look.

We ran an experiment with Zendesk in mid-2023 where we sent their TestBox Capture to a segment of expired trials that didn't convert and, as a result, were able to bring 140 prospects back into the funnel and get them testing Zendesk again.

4. Nurture buyers who aren't ready to raise their hands

Make it more likely that you'll get added to a buyer's shortlist by sending automated nurtures to anyone in your contact list who visits a purchase-intent page of your website.

First, find the pages of your site that people would be unlikely to be looking at unless they're shopping for a solution like yours or doing research on possibly purchasing your tool. These might be landing pages where you get into granular details about specific features, pages comparing you with competitors, or blog roundups of the best tools in your software category.

Then, using your marketing automation tool, create a workflow that automatically adds any non-customer contact that visits those pages into an email nurturing sequence that provides more information about your product and includes a link to your TestBox Capture.

5. Send more engaging outbound leave-behinds

It's the rare person who receives a cold call or email and then wants to read a whitepaper about your product or jump immediately on a call with a sales rep. 

However, if they're curious about your product, they might be willing to jump into a TestBox Capture and explore your features.

If your marketing team is responsible for creating sequences for BDRs, consider replacing any static, rarely-viewed PDFs and long-form blog posts they're sending with links to your TestBox Capture. 

6. Expand the offers you include in retargeting ads

Instead of using retargeting ads to point visitors back to pages of your site that they've already looked at and offers they've already seen, consider linking to your TestBox Capture. It's cheaper than offering them a $105 gift card to jump on a demo, and you're more likely to attract buyers who are actually qualified and not just in it for the incentive.

7. Increase expansion revenue

If your product marketing team is measured in some part on generating expansion revenue, you can send TestBox Captures to existing customers to show off features in a higher-tier plan that they could have access to if they upgraded.

8. Create personalized trial experiences

If your product caters to a variety of teams, company sizes, and industries, sending everyone into the same free trial or giving them the same generalized demo is often a poor experience. These different personas likely have very different needs. 

With TestBox's add-on Personalized Journeys feature, you can customize the features shown in your Capture based on role, industry, or vertical.

9. Improve your review site profiles

Your TestBox Capture can be added to your company profiles on G2 and TrustRadius to get shoppers into your product as soon as possible. You can embed it into your profile as shown in the example above and/or add an additional "Test Drive" CTA to your page as shown below.

The "Test Drive" CTA is a far better experience for shoppers than G2's default "Contact" CTA where buyers fill out a form that's not connected to any of your existing trial or demo offers.

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