The Quest For Epic Customer Support

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Podcast Episodes

Sam Senior

The Quest for Epic Customer Support: What to Expect

Episode 1
In this introductory episode, we discuss our goals for the show and who it is for. Listen to our conversation with Sam Senior, CEO of TestBox, as we discuss what "The Quest for Epic Customer Support" is about, what is TestBox, who it is for, and how do we achieve epic customer support?
VP, Customer Support
Matt Dale

Creating Positive Experiences Through Customer Support

Episode 2
In this episode, we discuss what we are looking at wrong in customer support and why customer support is a part of the entire customer experience. We also hear Matt's thoughts on the future of customer support.
Adrian Swinscoe

Customer Experience Goes Punk with Adrian Swinscoe

Episode 3
Learn why C-level executives should participate in their customer experience, how to create organizations that are better for both customers and their employees, and how leaders should think about help desk technology.
Senior Operations Manager
Craig Stoss

How Customer Support Specialists Can Be More Proactive

Episode 4
In this episode, we discuss why perspective is so critical in customer experience, how we can prevent customer support issues before they happen, and why the customer is at the center of the experience — not the company.
Customer Marketing Manager
Diana De Jesus

Why Your Experiences Matter in Customer Support

Episode 5
Learn how how Diana deals with the anxiety and stress that comes from working in customer support technology, and hear about her experience being an advocate for black and brown people trying to get into customer support.
Megan Bowen

Achieving Excellent Customer Support Through Emotional Intelligence

Episode 6
Discover ways people in customer support can practice regulating their thoughts, why having emotional intelligence in customer support is so critical, and how to use LAAAR to balance dealing with the customer as an individual versus the problem.
Shep Hyken

A Moment of Magic: A Discussion With Shep Hyken

Episode 7
In this episode, we discuss why being consistently a little above average can go a long way with customers, what a moment of magic is and why it's essential in customer service, and how to create a culture of service awareness.
VP of Customer Success & Support
Erika Favorito

The Hidden Impact of Customer Support

Episode 8
Listen to hear about Erika’s customer support philosophy, why organizations don’t value support staff as much as they value the customer, how support professionals can initiate feedback loops between different teams, and how to decide what tools to use.
Sarah Hatter

Why CX always starts with relationships

Episode 9
In this episode, you'll learn how the rise of technology has affected customer experience professionals, why leaders view customer support as a cost center, and what individual customer support professionals can do to build their skills up.
Head of Support
Charlotte Ward

The Different Avenues of Technical Support

Episode 10
Hear about how Charlotte views the different lanes of technical support, why easy access is an integral part of having good customer support, the value of having a single point of contact for each case, and Charlotte's thoughts on future of support.
Customer Success Manager
Mor Cohen

Creating a Customer Friendship Platform with Dixa's Mor Cohen

Episode 11
Learn what a customer friendship platform is, why customers love the support and experience Dixa provides, what unexpected channels Dixa's customers are contacting them through, and how Dixa has built its success by focusing on agent experience.
Head of Brand & Community
Ben Winn

Creating Memorable Experiences with Ben Winn

Episode 12
Hear about why confidence is such an important factor for a customer support or success professional, a commonly held belief in support that companies may be getting wrong, and Ben’s advice for those wanting to begin a career in customer support.
VP, Customer Support
Declan Ivory

The Importance of Understanding Customer Context

Episode 13
Join us as we discuss how customer support professionals can walk into a stressful work environment and still maintain their sense of humor and evenness, and how to position customer support as a value driver, as opposed to a cost center.

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