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We’ve adopted the term “distributed workforce” to refer to ourselves, rather than calling ourselves “remote.” Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress and Automatic, coined the term to provide a more positive outlook on teams that are geographically spread out. “Remote” is a term that can bring to mind desolation or isolation, and thus “distributed” brings with it a much less lonely feel.

We are a distributed company meaning we are spread out across several time zones and countries. We’re excited to embrace the diversity that being distributed allows us. It also means that everyone has greater flexibility, the ability to set up their best workspace for themselves, especially during COVID.

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What users say

Analyzing reviews from TrustRadius, learn about the things people love most about HubSpot and Intercom (and the things that they could do without).

We use this across our whole organization for keeping track and working with our customers and our dev team. HubSpot Service Hub helps us to stay on track with tickets and interact with our customers. Also, the feedback surveys are so helpful and help us to know where we need to improve. The integrations work seamlessly!
Rebekah Longenecker
Director of Customer Success
Our sales and service departments are using Hubspot Service Hub at the moment. Hubspot Service Hub is great because now our ticketing system lives within our CRM vs. before we were on two different systems. We can now tag our tickets to our deals we sell to keep track of all the work for those clients
Max Safier
Contact Center Solutions Engineer
We have used the suite of Hubspot products including Service Hub for 3+ years and are very satisfied. Hubspot has done an excellent job of tying all its systems in together so our team does not have to jump back and forth between different software. Our main use is for incoming support tickets for both our VIP and regular users.
Matt Zuvella
VP of Marketing
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Intercom is a full suite that is more affordable than other systems such as Drift and HubSpot. Although the latter would have been better since we use HubSpot CRM, their hidden costs always get us.
Gunjan Marwah
Head of Growth
We chose Intercom because of its human touch during customer conversations. Other reasons were features and usability of the Messenger tool which our users' use in 90% of cases.
Vojtěch Šobek
It is a rare business day that we don't interact with someone via Intercom. It allows us to answer sales prospect questions, as well as help provide real-time support for our clients/admins and end-users. As a customer/visitor on other sites, I am more confident that I will get good service when I see that Intercom powers their chat.
Susan Hurrell
Director of Lead Management
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HubSpot Service Hub’s automation features are lacking and their main inbox is confusing for new users.
Matt Zuvella
VP of Marketing
HubSpot can get expensive depending on what you need and their contracts aren’t flexible. You also have to pay for additional technical support.
Max Safier
Contact Center Solutions Engineer
HubSpot Service Hub can accommodate less information in a single page to avoid feeling overwhelmed. It also needs automatic ticket generation for live chat messages.
Verified User
Customer Support Rep
Explore HubSpot Service Hub
For smaller companies, this product is very expensive compared to the value provided. Lower-cost alternatives that are also easier to use and less bloated (albeit with fewer features) would be recommended for smaller teams.
Verified User
Director in Customer Service
Intercom cannot segment users based on complex criteria like weight of the user which needs to be quantified apart from a certain event that the user performs. Their user management does not allow too many levels of user access within the company. Also, some parts of understanding how Intercom's billing works, like how to delete users to reduce usage, is poor.
Verified User
Team Lead
Their pricing is super steep and can get expensive for early stage companies.
Manan Vora
CEO and Founder
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How HubSpot and Intercom compare

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Best suited for
Companies already using HubSpot for their CRM and marketing activities.
Companies that are live chat first with a built-in messenger.
Free version
14-day trial
Starting monthly price
$45/month (including 2 users)
Estimated implementation timeline
8-12 weeks
Contact Intercom for more information
750+ App integrations
25+ App integrations
Free features
Calling SDK
Email scheduling
Live Chat
Shared inbox
1 Inbox
Canned Snippets
Up to 5
Features for $26-50 / agent / month
Starter ($45/month and includes 2 agents)
No plan available
Shared inbox
Team email
Email and in-app support
Live chat
Ticket pipelines
Simple ticket automation
Task queues
Email templates
Canned responses
Meeting scheduling
Features for $50-100 / agent / month
Professional ($80/ agent /month)
SMB Starter ($74/month and includes 2 agents)
Live chat
Shared inbox
Help desk automation
Ticket routing
Knowledge base NPS surveys
$49/month add-on
CSAT surveys
$49/month add-on
Phone support
Help Center
In-product messages
Conversation routing bot
Canned responses
Company & behavioral data
Reporting dashboards
Conversation ratings & tags
Features for $99+ / agent / month
Enterprise ($120/ agent/month)
Customer engagement (Contact Intercom for more information)
Record customization
Conversation intelligence
User roles
Hierarchical teams
Outbound email
In-product messaging
Banner messages
SMS and push notifications
A/B testing & control groups
Custom events and customer segments
Data security and compliance
ISO 27001
EU-US and Privacy Shield
HIPAA Compliant
Customer Support
Live Chat

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